Top Birthday Cake Trends in 2022

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Top Birthday Cake Trends in 2022

Are you planning a birthday celebration in the upcoming months? These types of gatherings allow friends and family members to come together and join in shared festivities. They also give everyone a great reason to dig into delicious cake!

If you’re stumped on design ideas, read on. Today, we’re sharing some of the sweetest birthday cake trends that are defining 2022. Check out these ideas for inspiration and discover how to order your own cake creation today from our cake shop in Brampton!

Vintage-Themed Cakes

What’s old will eventually become new again, and that’s definitely the case with these cakes. Around the country, there’s a newfound appreciation for everything vintage, retro, and throwback-inspired.

Increasingly, buyers are skipping the ultra-modern creations in favor of cakes that look straight out of Better Homes and Gardens circa 1965. We’re talking heaps of yummy buttercream icing, pretty pastel colors, and elaborate piping. While the final look is a little kitschy, that’s precisely the point.

Animal Prints

Sometimes, the most stunning cakes are the simplest. While outrageous, jungle-themed cakes might have been all the rage in years past, 2022 is all about minimalism.

To achieve the same wild look now, bakers are coating cakes in sleek, smooth layers of icing and topping them with intentionally placed spots to mimic animals including leopards, zebras, tigers, and giraffes. Both kids and adults will appreciate the refreshingly toned-down yet creative approach.

Palette Knife Cakes

While intricate cake decorations still have their place, many buyers are opting for more unique and freeform approaches, including palette knife painting. In short, this process includes covering cakes with a neutral buttercream base and then swiping a palette knife through different colors of icing to create an effect that mimics paint swipes.

Not only are these cakes eye-catching, but they also allow for a greater degree of creative expression. Whether you opt for different tones of the same color or go all-out with a full rainbow-hued design, the final result is sure to be memorable.

Geode Cakes

A truly spectacular cake is one that’s equally special inside and out. Geode cakes take this idea to the next level. They’re designed to look like natural formations of rocks and precious/semi-precious stones, much like what you’d find at a mine or quarry.

With this technique, bakers will cut out a portion of the finished, final cake. Then, they’ll fill that cavity with edible crystals, usually made out of rock candy. Just try resisting the colorful, shimmering creation.

Chocolate Sphere “Balloons”

Why invest in balloons that will float away in a few days when you can add them to your cake instead? One trend we’ve seen recently is the addition of cake balls or hollow chocolate spheres onto the top of finished cakes, designed to look like tiny balloons.

These pieces attach to the cake via melted chocolate or candy melts and look especially gorgeous when arranged in a variety of different sizes.

Order Your Custom Cake Today

While these are some of the most popular cake trends this year, they aren’t the only ones! If you have a certain design in mind, we can work with you to turn your vision into a reality.

Then, we’ll bring it straight to your doorstep! If you need birthday cake delivery Mississauga, we’re here to help. Contact us today to start your custom order.


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